Sunday, May 17, 2015

I won't be satisfied....

Hi everyone..

What so old fashion than being old fashion? I figured like this, things work better when others are being taught from a modern perspective. I was taught growing up to have a profound respect for ideas, culture, and hero's some of which seems to be vague in people minds.

Eventhough, I have a vehicle I still prefer a good walk to the nearest store not giving up entirely of the abilities of my community, I even ride the community bus transportation just to see total interaction. I  was told in my younger adolescent years that giving up a seat to the elder was the appropriate thing to do. Does that still happen anymore? Does activities like kickball, soft ball (inne bounce) which we of our older generation called exist? Today's violence has got to stop. People are not giving a chance to have normal lives because of the chaos that is going on in our world. The children are falling short from owning up to their potential of becoming real inspirations. This kind of barrier keeps them from living.  (Just a random thought)

Let's find a way.... 

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