Saturday, December 12, 2015

What a beautiful ending for today

What exciting weather we are having today temperature reach 70 degrees today, not too bad for December. Its a new story, i was just glad Santa brought us something to enjoy for the time being. Now I'm off to my niece's birthday party. Just checking in on ya. 


Be Safe remember love ones

Grocery store run

Monday, June 1, 2015

Felt this kind of way

Today there has been a public announcement . I had some time on my hand to put this together; my cooking mode presentation then use these basic talents and creativity in its own.

It was on the misty side the caretaker (rain)letting its presence known hurry up and whisk on by . I made this tropical mango pineapple upside down cake, what was even more funny the left overs from the overflow of the cake left my image to create something below..

(Don't judge!!! Look remember I was in a mode..

So what u guys thinks ?

Sharing my team recognition supporting of a team who's at the top of their games and to be in the NBA Finals. I'm a Cavaliers Fan

My next piece.  Ok Hmmm!! I think we can see the resemblance

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I won't be satisfied....

Hi everyone..

What so old fashion than being old fashion? I figured like this, things work better when others are being taught from a modern perspective. I was taught growing up to have a profound respect for ideas, culture, and hero's some of which seems to be vague in people minds.

Eventhough, I have a vehicle I still prefer a good walk to the nearest store not giving up entirely of the abilities of my community, I even ride the community bus transportation just to see total interaction. I  was told in my younger adolescent years that giving up a seat to the elder was the appropriate thing to do. Does that still happen anymore? Does activities like kickball, soft ball (inne bounce) which we of our older generation called exist? Today's violence has got to stop. People are not giving a chance to have normal lives because of the chaos that is going on in our world. The children are falling short from owning up to their potential of becoming real inspirations. This kind of barrier keeps them from living.  (Just a random thought)

Let's find a way.... 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fresh in my skin

It's important that oneself can be comfortable in their skin, yet I celebrate in passing another milestone of my accomplishments. It has been an awesome journey that when you set one foot in front of another who knows where u can be lead. I'm just great full that I was put before great people and the birthing of a creator......awe;shucks!!!! look at it like this I woke up today it's my Birthday      🌞

Keep Calm....
Its Taurus Season


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Accomplished by far...

Hello, guys it's been a minute maybe because somehow someone has stolen my phone then delete pics u have seen in the beginning but let me bring some enlightenment about what has been going on since then but guess what....

Yes, this girl right here did that
They got the right one
Yes I did...I always believe in my self when others thought I could not do it; their was a place that I had to excel in to keep me afloat I stayed ahead of the game til that game was won and I thank the Lord for presenting me with that gift.

Let's paste a picture of events leading up through this point I'm a loving mother who is in devotion of providing for her family
He thinks he's too old for smoochies awww, 😙

Too cool for pics

Most important you have to be something that someone else needs in their life a ROLE MODEL

Me aka Nana's family

My 100 mischievous imperfections

Hell ya, I love myself just as much

But love bares all things....

My Rock 

Just in case you didnt know..It cost you nothing on just helping someone else in need  

But through it all I was able to maintain my perseverance by standing tall and staying strong thank you from past to present of reading my blogs but ill try on keeping or either deleting the others but ill bring it in with a BANG!!!

Til next time ttyl ,✌

C/O 14  AA Business Management and it don't stop here.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just An Epiphany

Ok, so i was watch the Navy & Army football teams on television and it just had occured to me that is it just me or is this franchise team have the opportunity to draft individuals to become NFL stars, (ijs) throughtout my years of being an advocate for football i see alot of players that get drafted by colleges in our orgin. I would like to know does or do even one exists...

A Tribute to the Armed Forces

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Ending

The summer of 2013 is coming to a end,enjoying time with family ones is always rewarding though at times a parents job is never done but the responsibilites lies of how others are perceived. I got to enjoy some concerts even if it was for free, not so much of an price issue
but more of a family event im so glad it wasnt as humid as I thought it would be; I say, to an average weather prediction on the exact end. So, I put away my plus size bathing suit for now anyway to make room for clear skies with a chance of sunshine next summer, because its almost time to hit the books again, oh; I didnt forget about my accomplishments as well so school its a major factor, I started later in life but I never given up hope so should u...

Til next time,
 Enjoy ur summer