Sunday, January 11, 2015

Accomplished by far...

Hello, guys it's been a minute maybe because somehow someone has stolen my phone then delete pics u have seen in the beginning but let me bring some enlightenment about what has been going on since then but guess what....

Yes, this girl right here did that
They got the right one
Yes I did...I always believe in my self when others thought I could not do it; their was a place that I had to excel in to keep me afloat I stayed ahead of the game til that game was won and I thank the Lord for presenting me with that gift.

Let's paste a picture of events leading up through this point I'm a loving mother who is in devotion of providing for her family
He thinks he's too old for smoochies awww, 😙

Too cool for pics

Most important you have to be something that someone else needs in their life a ROLE MODEL

Me aka Nana's family

My 100 mischievous imperfections

Hell ya, I love myself just as much

But love bares all things....

My Rock 

Just in case you didnt know..It cost you nothing on just helping someone else in need  

But through it all I was able to maintain my perseverance by standing tall and staying strong thank you from past to present of reading my blogs but ill try on keeping or either deleting the others but ill bring it in with a BANG!!!

Til next time ttyl ,✌

C/O 14  AA Business Management and it don't stop here.